A History of Innovation 

Our firm has a history steeped in pioneering wealth management, developing many of the services and practices that are the industry’s gold standard. AdvicePeriod For Advisors is only the latest milestone in a long history of innovation.

  • 1989

    Family Office Launched

  • 1994

    RIA launched (new concept, we were one of the first)

  • 1998

    Advising on over $1B

  • 2003

    Fortigent Launched

  • 2007

    Convergent Wealth Advisors and Fortigent are separated and sold

  • 2011

    Ranked #1 Nationally by Barron's*

  • 2014

    AdvicePeriod launched

  • 2015

    Betterment Institutional Launched

  • 2016

    AP for Advisors launched